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The Amplified Career Centre Yostart Freelancer And Tutoring Portal

YoStart is a platform by ACC offering affordable linkage services for Freelance and tutoring services.

YoStart Freelancers


YoStart Freelancers Portal

Freelancers signup and get matched to the service request clients the perfect solution to job seekers and those who wish to supplement their income.


YoStart Tutoring Hub

In our mandate to amplify careers our Tutoring hub is a platform where one can request for tutoring in any field/topic/ activity of their choice and they will be matched with a qualified expert to take them through flexible scheduling and learning methodologies suitable for one’s specific learning needs. As one progresses through the world of work and entrepreneurship there are instances where you encounter a lot of new concepts which require quick learning to adapt to new environments of changes. The tutoring Hub will also be facilitating group learning sessions upon request as well as on popular subject areas to meet the learning needs of our clients.


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