Why is Career Counselling important

Why is Career Counselling important?

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Career counselling is more valuable now than ever before. It is needed by a student who is confused about which subjects or course to choose or a professional who is worried about his career break. Career counselling has multiple folds and it helps students and professionals choose their dream career path. Earlier many people used to choose the career path because their friends and family told them so, or just because it is so-called ‘popular’. 

Now it is not the case. With the help of a trained ACC career counsellor, you can choose your dream career path and follow your passion.

Are you a student or professional who faces these questions in day-to-day life?

– Which combination to choose after O’ Level?

– Should I take sciences or commercials?

– Will my parents agree with me taking arts?

– What will I do with my career?

– I am dissatisfied with my job. What to do next?

If you are pondering over these questions in day-to-day life then congratulation, you need career counselling.  There are many young people today confused about their future. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future. If they don’t get proper career guidance at the right time, then an excess of students would have a career full of regrets. 

It is a proven fact that students and professionals who undergo career counselling and get proper guidance are much happier in their professional and personal life. Career counselling focuses on career exploration, career change, and personal career development and providing the right career path based on a psychometric test.

 “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

~ Stephen Covey

You have the power to make the right decision.

You are just one decision away from a happy career. Take action now. Visit a career counsellor and solve all your career-related queries.

Who actually need Career Counselling

  • Career Counselling for students after O’ Level

Choosing the right combination after O’ Level is probably the most important phase for a student. There is commercials, arts, and sciences. Which one to choose?? 

Choosing a combination which you are passionate about and which is in line with your career interest is extremely important. 

It is important to get career counselling done before it is too late. ACC career counsellors can help you choose the right combination based on your skills, interest and abilities.  

  • Career Counselling for students after A’ Level

Finishing A’ Level is one more junction in a student’s life which is very crucial. With courses and programmes on their head and the insurmountable tension of colleges to choose, deciding which career to choose for graduation can be a daunting task. There are several options available for students who choose sciences or commercials. But to choose the right path is extremely important. 

For example, a science student may decide to go for engineering. But in engineering also several branches are there such as computer science, mechanical, civil etc. Which path to opt for is a challenge which many students face? 

Career counselling is the answer. Career counselling will help the students understand the career options available and how to choose the most suitable career path. It is important to take expert guidance from ACC career counsellors rather than making a hasty decision.

  • Career Counselling for professionals

The average working person spends 58% of his life in the office. Since he spends more than half of the time working, it is extremely important to do something which you are really passionate about. But that is not the case.

According to Kelly services survey, 48% of the working population are unhappy with their current career

According to Indeed survey, 40% of the people are dissatisfied with their current job.

Why is this happening? If a professional gets proper career counselling at the right time, then this situation wouldn’t have arisen. 

It is a myth that working professionals don’t need career counselling. Everyone who is confused about their career can go for career counselling. Career and work are an immense part of people’s lives. Career counselling is like a blessing in disguise and can be really helpful for an individual’s overall happiness. Happy career means a happy life.

Why do you need Career Counselling?

At some point in our lives, we all are confused, stressed about our career lives. What do we do if we fall ill? We go to doctor. What should we do if we have career problems? We should go for career counselling. 

We should understand that choosing the right career option is very important as our whole life depends on it. 

Career counselling helps you to understand your interests, skills and abilities and based on that a career counsellor guides you in the right direction.

As technology is moving at a rapid pace, there are lot many new-age career paths which are emerging. Career counselling provides a clear roadmap on which career to pursue and how to be successful in that. With the immense number of professional choices available today, career development has become progressively significant for exploring career interests and possibilities. It is important that students receive career counselling in school so they are better prepared for life after school, and ready to face the changes and challenges in the work environment. 

How does Career Counselling help you?

  • Helps to choose the right career

Our career counselling sessions help students and professionals choose the right career and make them realise their true potential. There is a plethora of career options available in today’s world. It is humanly impossible to know about each and every career path and know it’s pros and cons. ACC career counsellors are experts in this field. They have abundant knowledge about each career and will help you choose your dream career.

  • Helps eliminate career-related confusion

At some point in our lives, we all face career-related confusion. It can be a student, a graduate or a professional, everyone has a dilemma about their career at some point in their lives. It is better to consult our professional career counsellors and solve your career-related confusion rather than getting content with wrong career choice.

  • Provides expert guidance

What would you do if you are ill? You would go to a doctor who is an expert in his field.

Similarly, what should you do if you are facing confusion related to your career? You should visit our career counsellors who are experts in this field.

ACC career counsellors understand your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with expert guidance to choose the best career for you.

It is essential to plan one’s career with a long-term perspective.

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