What is the difference between Career Guidance and Career Counselling

Career Guidance vs Career Counselling?

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In general terms, guidance and counselling come across as two ways to solve the same problem. When we think of guidance, clients already know what they want to do and are given thought out and pre-structured solutions by career experts. On the other hand, counselling takes a customized route to discuss individual concerns and come up with a unique solution to suit the client’s needs.

Both serve their own purpose and have also found their place in the world of education. They appear as career guidance and career counselling services. Here is what you should understand about the two.

Understanding Career Guidance

When you opt for career guidance services, you would have already narrowed down your options and come to a decision. Career guidance professionals will help you take it from there. They will help you weigh the pros and cons of your decisions and put your best foot forward into the professional world.

The aim is to help you pick your career choice as well as any respective education and courses wisely. With guidance, you will not need to get any psychometric tests or other assessments done. You know your choices and career guidance experts will help you get to it.

Understanding Career Counselling

On the other hand, career counselling services will take an in-depth approach to your career. You can approach career counsellors even if you do not have a starting point regarding your career path in your mind.

It is a curative experience where your life choices and current situation will be assessed to help you chart your path for the future. Career counselling also adds much-needed perspective to your career goals. It helps you see what you are good at and bridges the gap between your ambitions and abilities.

To do this, career counsellors take the help of psychometric tests, assessments, and conduct other procedures to help you find yourself. This is generally done in the early stages of a student’s career. This is usually at O and A Level stage to help students pick specific occupations.

Choosing Between the Two

While choosing between the two can seem difficult, it depends on your priorities. If you find yourself lost and just cannot prioritize a career path, career counselling is the right choice for you. It will help you start from scratch and build your way up to a smart decision.

On the other hand, if you have always understood your affinities and know where you stand, career guidance is the perfect option.

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