Career Planning

Who needs Our Career Planning Service

1) Tertiary and Vocational student

Not knowing where to start from in deciding your career path is very common and normal. There are number of starting points and these ate different to different people. Choosing a career, is not a once off process. One develops ideas in a series of steps constructed over time, not chosen as a once off decision.

  • Considering your tertiary qualification options: Graduates are you wondering what options do I have with my degree and how can I add value to it

You have many options with your degree or tertiary course attained more than you can imagine. Likewise, some options might be linked directly to what you have studied but many jobs require a cluster of skills that are not necessarily subject knowledge based. Such skills can be developed in many contexts, not just through your academics. ACC is here to assist you with ideas, work opportunities, skills for you to explore related to your area of study or training that add value to your qualification.

tertiary students

Our career development consultants:

  • Help you understand what is important to know at this stage
  • Help you understand the link between your degree and future career options.
  • Help you navigate and resolve your career choices.
high school students

2) High school learners

Ordinary levels and Advanced levels express fears about choosing the wrong career.  Whether or not you do have specific career in mind, ACC is here to research well for you and help you choose a study area that you are interested in and good at. Don’t stress, we are here to assist you in making sound judgement through selecting subjects and programs that are in line with your career choices.

Graduates and Professional

ACC assists Individuals to build the careers they deserve and making your dream come true through ensuring that you have the relevant tools to attain your dream job.

Services offered

Cover letter and CV writing
Getting the Job and keeping it
Interview preparation techniques
Digital profile development including LinkedIn profiles
Handling Job offers