Career Counselling

ACC offers career counselling to Individuals, groups, parents, guardians and online visitors to the center. Our career counselling is a process designed to help you know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make informed career, educational, and life decisions.

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a systematic process that helps an individual understand themself, as well as the world of work, to choose the right career. It is the process of helping students and professionals to analyze their strengths, interests, abilities and skills. The right career choice is often an intersection of a student’s interests and abilities, and industry trends.

Who can benefit from Career Counselling?

Whether you are a student, or beginning your professional career or looking for a career change, it is difficult to make career decisions without the help of career guidance. ACC will assist you career counselling when:

    You do not know where to begin

    If you do not know which career path to choose, our career counsellors will help you. ACC career counselling sessions can clear confusion and help you decide which subjects, course or industry to start for a fulfilling career.

    You are unhappy in your field

    If you are unhappy working in your current industry, our career counsellors can help you find a professional passion for knowing which field to pursue your career.

    You no longer have a defined goal or career path

    While you might have a career path at the start of your career, your long-term goals can change. Our career counsellors can help you create a career path so that you are in control of your professional life.

    You wish to progress your career

    Often, career counselling helps in maximising your potential growth. Our experienced career counsellors provide you with various options to explore and advice on how to get started with your career.

    How does Career Counselling help you?

    Helps to choose the right career

    Our Career Counselling sessions help students and professionals choose the right career and make them realise their true potential. There is a plethora of career options available in today’s world. It is humanly impossible to know about each and every career path and know it’s pros and cons. ACC career counsellors are experts in this field. They have abundant knowledge about each career and will help you choose your dream career.

    Provides expert guidance

    What would you do if you are ill? You would go to a doctor who is an expert in his field.

    Similarly, what should you do if you are facing confusion related to your career? You should visit our career counsellors who are experts in this field.

    ACC career counsellors understand your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with expert guidance to choose the best career for you.

    It is essential to plan one’s career with a long-term perspective.

    Career counselling is important in every educational step. Don’t hesitate.

    Helps eliminate career-related confusion

    At some point in our lives, we all face career-related confusion. It can be a student, a graduate or a professional, everyone has a dilemma about their career at some point in their lives. It is better to consult our professional career counsellors and solve your career-related confusion rather than getting content with wrong career choice.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Career Counselling?

    Career counselling is a systematic process that helps an individual understand one’s self, as well as the world of work, to choose the right career.

    What is the role of a Career Counsellor?
    What is the best time for Career Counselling?

    The best time to seek career counselling is during the ages from 13 – 18 years. During this time many changes take place, and you are at the crossroads for making the toughest decisions of your life, such as choosing the right subjects for O’ and A’ Level or transitioning from high school to college or “fit in” the world of work. In fact, career counselling can be appropriate for anyone who seeks guidance in the right career direction for the intended course of action.

    Why do you need Career Counselling?
    How does Career Counselling happen?

    Our career counselling is a process that yields you through a series of steps to make you understand yourself better and the career pathway forward. In career counselling session psychometric tests are conducted, followed by a one-on-one counselling session with a career counsellor. The results of the tests are interpreted and a career action plan is created to make the right career decision.

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